March and April Review

It's different for everyone, but I have reached my personal "I have enough" limit on buildings and families. During this two month shopping period I spent twice the $50/month limit I had initially set for myself, although I've also sold over $100 of my previous dolls and minis on eBay to offset the Sylvanian Families … Continue reading March and April Review


Copper Beech Cottage Renovation: session 4

After putting a lighter wash on the roof shingles, I finished painting the lining panels for the upstairs bedroom. I fussed for a bit with getting a good fit, then hot glued the panels in place. I'm pleased with the little blanket I made for Ludwig's nook bed. The blanket is made from tiny crocheted … Continue reading Copper Beech Cottage Renovation: session 4

Wallpaper Template for the Sylvanian Market

This was a challenge. I was going to say that I enjoyed this project, but actually I only enjoyed finishing this project. The Calico Critters Cloverleaf Corners Country Market is also the Sylvanian Market and it's the bottom floor of the John Lewis and Applewood Department Stores. Whatever you call it, the shelved walls of this … Continue reading Wallpaper Template for the Sylvanian Market

Copper Beech Cottage Renovation: sessions 1-3

The $2 cottage is my trial renovation project. This is Ludwig's cabin and is located in Asparagus Cove ("Silvercove" on forum map.) Session 1: Painted the outside and inside of the house. Only the textured plastic worked well with the painting technique I used. I need a different way to finish the smooth interior walls … Continue reading Copper Beech Cottage Renovation: sessions 1-3

Tiny Sylvanian Contemporary Art Galleries

Last month a Tokyo art exhibition by XYZ Collective presented miniature versions of large exhibits the artists would like to build. They used Sylvanian Families buildings as the mini galleries to hold their work. You can view the exhibits here: Sylvanian Families Biennale 2017 (before you click: some exhibits have adult themes.) The exhibits aren't toy themed, … Continue reading Tiny Sylvanian Contemporary Art Galleries