Critter Chronicle Printables

Here are the first two copies of my local Sylvanian newspaper, The Critter Chronicle. More printable newspapers and magazines will be shared as they're published in our northern corner of Sylvania. One more printable magazine,Mitten Life, is two posts back from here in Kittens in Mittens Publications.


I Hate Blind Bags!

I'm not fond of the the surprise moment of having spent money on something I didn't want, thus I'm not a fan of blind bags. Especially when I particularly want the full set. So when Sylvanian Families announced several months ago that a totally awesomely cute 8 piece Baby Band set would be released as … Continue reading I Hate Blind Bags!

Kittens in Mittens Publications

Wintermitten Island and Asparagus Cove stay informed of current events via traditional printed copy due to the circumstances of the Sylvanian Families toy-brand which has given them no electronic technology except for a back-to-front credit card swiper on the new Grocery Market. Relying on rotary telephones and cathode ray tub televisions means farflung Sylvanian communities … Continue reading Kittens in Mittens Publications