This pattern is for a crocheted hat with ear holes positioned for the SF rabbits. Both adult and child hats are the same size, with a difference in the spacing of the ear holes.
Personal use of my pattern only, please and thank you.
Stitches (US terminology)
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet
sl st = slip stitch
2.5mm crochet hook
#10 crochet cotton
Round 1
make 6sc in a magic loop [6]
Round 2
2sc in each st [12]
Round 3
(sc, 2sc in next stitch) repeat around [18]
Round 4
(sc2, 2sc in next stitch) repeat around [24]
Round 5
ear holes for child  sc7, ch4, skip4, sc2, ch4, skip4, sc7
ear holes for adult  sc6, ch5, skip5, sc2, ch5, skip5, sc6
Round 6
sc into each stitch, working into backs of ch stitches
Round 7
sc around
Round 8
sc around [you should still have 24 st!]
Fasten off here for a brimless cap, weave in ends
Round 9
cap front brim  sl st9, 2hdc into next st, 2dc into next 4 st, 2hdc into next st, sl st 9
ladies’ sunhat brim 2dc into each stitch around
Fasten off and weave in ends


  1. This picture is adorable!! It´s a pity I don´t understand any of your instructions for crochet. I´m hopeless with the neddle but your hats and dresses are lovely!


    1. Thank you Cutata!! I knit much more confidently than crochet, but I am trying to get better. (YouTube is a good place to learn crochet!) Some patterns, like the ones in Japanese craft magazines, use international crochet symbols for the patterns, which looks intimidating but it’s easy to learn and removes the language problem.


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