resinThe plan is for this to be a double-duty swimming pool and ice rink for my Sylvanian Families who will live on Wintermitten Island.

To make the pool structure, I used a foam packing box and cut the edges into icy shapes with a hot-wire cutter, then swirled the bottom with watery patterns using a hot-point tool.

I sealed the ice/snow part of the project with a glue and plaster mixture and painted the pool bottom aqua blue. After the plaster and paint had dried for a couple of days, I mixed clear epoxy resin with blue glitter and a little bit of the blue paint. I had to mix two batches of resin to cover the bottom of my pool.

After this layer is set, I shall have to pour another layer on top as one tiny piece of Styrofoam is sticking out of the resin surface. I’ll use any extra resin to fill a small plastic bottle cap so that I can make an ice fishing hole.

To change the look to an ice-rink, I plan to cut a piece of frosted plastic to fit into the box. I’ve also cut some small iceberg shapes to fit inside.




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