Testing the planned layout… and the seaworthiness of a tiny iceberg

The island diorama project has several requirements:

  • It needs flat spaces for my two little vintage dollhouses plus the option of adding the new resin pool.
  • The diorama can’t be taller than a sloping attic wall under which it’ll normally be displayed
  • It will double as a Christmas display, so it needs to fit on top of a certain cabinet.
  • A layered backdrop with lighting behind each layer seems like such an awesome plan.
Diorama sketch from a few weeks ago


It might be a challenge to fit everything in as I don’t want structures sitting in a tidy row. The base depth is only 40cm which is where the yellow tape measure is in the top photo. The backdrop hills and trees will need to fit on top of the back edge of the board. The styrofoam is 2cm thick, and needs 1cm between each layer for lighting, which loses at least 8cm of display depth when I only have 5cm spare. I’ll start cutting the foam landscaping layers once I’ve solved the backdrop measurement problem.

The winterscape diorama must fit on this cabinet as a Christmas display

For the Christmas display we might have something different on the snow rather than houses and Sylvanians. There’s plenty of time to figure out what figures we want. Vintage reindeer? A crowd of Santas? My needlefelted animals? But it does mean that I’ll need to consider the dual purpose in all of my construction steps.

We bought a huge board of insulation foam this evening and stood in a cold, windy parking lot sawing it into three slabs to fit in our car. Gotta love a husband who joins in with such follies 🙂


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