Work continued today on building the island with constructing IMG_3114[1]the cavern. Next time (I’m doing this again??) I will carve a cavern out of a solid block of foam. However, this time it was not in the original plan and I didn’t have the correct, fancy hot-wire tool to carve that kind of shape anyway.

I built stacks of foam for the cave mouth and roof, hot glued everything together and shaped with my simple hot-wire cutter. So far the cave stays unattached to the rest of the diorama in case I change my mind.

I also trimmed the perimeter to size on all layers, glued and shaped the upper ground layers, and discovered that one of the house areas is big enough for the Calico Critters Cozy Cottage. Yay! Still to do before I can declare Session 3 over: more hot-wire shaping and cleaning up the steps and pool edge with a heated craft knife.

I was thinking today how nice this would look with two log cabins. The Sylvanian Families Lodge is too big. We could build cabins ourselves, but then it’s no longer really a Sylvanian diorama. This is something I’m struggling with a little bit. How much buying vs making is effective in toyline photography? SF themselves use custom backgrounds and accessories in their official photos. Once I take more photos, I hope it’ll become obvious where the balance is.


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