May was a good month for getting things made. Figuring out how to make new clothes and accessories always takes ages, but I enjoy the challenge (mostly.) I’m not sure if I’m keeping the Teddy Bear Story family and Maple Wood deer as they’re all a bit taller than the SF figures and I do want to use all the characters together in photographs, but for now this is what I have.


  • Teddy Bear Story family of 6 (used, eBay, $15)
  • Maple Wood Reindeer, Miss Deer (used, eBay, $10)
  • Starter Cottage (used, eBay, $5.50)
  • Ice Skates (eBay, $3)
  • Vintage Tomy furniture lot (used, eBay, $10)
total: $43.50
  • Drafted patterns and crocheted winter coat and bonnet, hat with scarf
  • Knitted trial size mittens and slippers
  • Crocheted blankets, pillows, slippers, pants, rug (Lady Lollipop pattern)
  • Sewed a felt igloo roombox
  • Made “ice candles”
  • Made resin swimming pool / ice rink
  • Carved insulation foam for island snow diorama
  • Started Instagram account



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