Only two workshop sessions left before Wintermitten Island is ready for the first settlers from Sylvania!

I broke the hotwire while detail cutting the thick vertical edges. It was easy enough to fix, but now I only have one replacement wire left – and oh so much foam to cut for future dioramas and props (including giant candy corns for our front yard Halloween display this year!) Also, painting masses of pink foam crevices and sharpie marker with white household paint is not fun.

The painting does give me thinking time. Thinking about how to finish the mitten pool so that I can have it as an ice rink, a swimming pool that figures can actually be submerged in, and filled in/covered for the Christmas display. Thinking about how to speed up the painting process. Thinking about why I thought this was a brilliant idea… haha.

(the following is because I get a kick out of crossing tasks off lists)


Session 1 – planning

Session 2 – rough cutting of ground surfaces

Session 3 – gluing layers and hot-wire detailing of ground surfaces

Session 4 – initial sealing and painting of ground surfaces

Session 5 – rough and detail cutting of backdrop and island perimeter

Session 6 – sealing and painting of backdrop

Session 7 – fine detail work and resin pours


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