I’m back in the groove with sealing and painting, painting and sealing… It’s looking quite promising at this point. One more coat of white paint on the back panels, some more spackle and some texturing on the outsides of the sides (didn’t think about the sides showing until I pondered how the diorama will look displayed in the living room at Christmas.) After that, it’s just painting icy blue shadows and filling the mitten pool with blue sparkly resin. And then we can PLAY!

wintermitten island nearly done

The main reason for all this dreary progress blogging is to judge how long creative projects are now taking me. Not so long ago I could have whipped this diorama up in a couple of evenings, however at the moment I need to break projects up into smaller steps and take resting into account. Boring, but practical.


4 thoughts on “ISLAND – SESSION 6

  1. Hi IcePixie,
    I´m having another look at Wintermitten Island and I´m trying to picture all that ice-cream carts around. It´s going to look so cool!
    It´s amazing the way you gave it shape. It´s turning up so well. What a great job you´re doing! It looks nearly finished.
    It will definetely make a lovely Christmas display! Can´t wait to see it!


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