What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

August involved another major surgery, so I amused myself (and my hubby) with some Sylvanians shopping for my September birthday. As such I’m only counting my island-specific purchases! 😀


Buckley Family ($16 with coupon, new, Joanns)

And these three Calico Critters buildings to repaint:

Beauty Shop ($22, used, ebay)

Toy Shop ($10, used, ebay)

Country Market ($27, used, ebay)

The buildings have some of their accessories.


Crocheted 6 baby carrot sleeping bags

Crocheted two baby rabbit hats and scarf as gift

Drafted new crochet pattern for SF underwear

Practiced making polymer clay foods using Youtube tutorials

Spray painted a few plastic pieces with Rustoleum primer


One thought on “AUGUST REVIEW

  1. This is a great way to see progress being made and keep track of purchases, especially when you have had a month such as you have and you may have thought not much had been achieved. I will certainly be looking forward to your continued notes and the progress of Wintermitten Island.


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