Tonight I was back to work on the iceberg after a month of resting and healing. Yet more sculpting, gluing, painting. Nothing new to report yet so here’s a photo of a little gazebo that is primed and waiting to be repainted. I used Rustoleum spray primer suited to plastics… Which all sounds perfect except the can clogged after the first two spray sessions and Google has been unable to fix it. Another Rustoleum can has clogged too. It’ll be Krylon from now on. What an expensive mistake. It’s a pretty gazebo though, especially in white rather than yellowed plastic color.

EDIT: SESSION 6c.  Eventually I combined all Google advice regarding Rustoleum clogged spray paints and I got the primer to work. I still don’t want to buy any more of their products even now I know the secrets of how to prevent clogging. I also spent one more morning sculpting, gluing, filling,  painting and now we are finally ready for airbrushing, resin pouring, glitter-dusting and then… inhabiting – exciting!


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