ISLAND – SESSION 7 at last!

Thank goodness I’m nearly done. I mean really, how about we move forward now?! Yesterday I airbrushed the blue shadows in and checked that the diorama does in fact still fit on top of the living room cabinet. It does. Today I poured resin, tinted blue and with a little blue glitter added into the mitten shaped pool. I may not add a second layer as I’d like the top of the pool to be deep enough to hold fine glass beads or similar to be pretend water the my figures can swim in during summer months. We decided last night to forgo glitter on the ground because I’m worried it will come off onto the figures and all through our home. I will play with some glitters on scraps to see if I can seal the stuff in without making the diorama shiny.

Edit: Did another resin pour with less color and gobloads of glitter. I left it to cure for several days to avoid the usual fingerprint that comes from poking it to see if it has hardened. I airbrushed a second load of blue shadows to get the blue strong enough to show up on photos (eyes see more blue than cameras).  I have one task left that theoretically will take ten minutes to do, but I’m procrastinating in case it goes wrong 🙄.




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