After a three month break, I feel like getting back to my Wintermitten Island projects. Last week I was thinking about my village project and started looking at eBay for cottages. Then today I came across the very same cottage for $2 at a thrift store. Incredible bargain, I don’t expect it to ever happen again!


Tomorrow I shall scrub it clean of cobwebs and crayons. I really like the little bay window on the side wall.


8 thoughts on “A PAUSE AND A BARGAIN

  1. You´ve been so lucky!! That´s a real bargain! It´s a lovely cottage. I also like that bay window on the side wall. Do you mean to keep its original colours or are you going to paint it ?

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  2. I’ve found your blog! I really enjoy reading about your amazing diorama and DIY skills and I’d love to see more photos. Please consider putting some photos here rather than all in Instagram. I have no idea how to use Instagram haha. Or is there a link to your photos somewhere?

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    1. Hi Piffle, I put lots of photos in my next entry for you – not diorama photos or even SF photos, but photos all the same. My Instagram link is under my forum signature, but I promise to fiddle about with putting more photos on here too 🙂


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