Cake Shop Project, Part 2

The cake shop was built as a gift for a doll collector friend who is short on display space. I used a hinged wooden box to hold the cake shop diorama so that it could be neatly folded away and stored dust free between photo sessions. The pink haired doll, Smidge, also received a pair of pink Sylvanian Families ice skates for Christmas. She slept in them for several nights!


I started with a hinged wooden box.


I cut decorative molding to fit across the “top” of the open sides, then cut shelving from foamcore to fit. I cut the shelves to size before papering so that the paper wouldn’t get scraped.


The wallpaper is printed cardstock. Once it was securely glued into the box, I glued the shelves in, taking time to be sure everything was straight (using wallpaper with a straight design really helped.) I made a couple of the shelves tall enough for wedding cakes etc. The wainscoting is foamcore that was stripped of paper and pressed with a ruler edge for lines before painting. The display counter was made from foamcore and acetate to store in the remaining space in the deeper side of the box.

The floor is foamcore covered in printed cardstock. It fits into the space between the two opened sides to form the shop floor and is sized to be stowed into the closed box above the counter.


Because this shop was for a particular doll, I scaled everything to her height. You can see from the size of the Sylvanian Families ice skates and cash register that everything would need to be lowered for this to work for Sylvanian figures.
And this is the final shop. I was sick and short of time when building this project so didn’t get photos of the cakes displayed on the shelves, but I am likely to build myself a cake shop sometime this year as it turned out quite nicely. I hope Smidge enjoys her little cake shop.


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