Tiny Sylvanian Contemporary Art Galleries

Last month a Tokyo art exhibition by XYZ Collective presented miniature versions of large exhibits the artists would like to build. They used Sylvanian Families buildings as the mini galleries to hold their work. You can view the exhibits here: Sylvanian Families Biennale 2017 (before you click: some exhibits have adult themes.)


The exhibits aren’t toy themed, which might limit our SF-fan interest in the individual mini-gallery contents, however we can definitely understand how Sylvanian Families buildings are so widely available in Japan that an exhibition would select them for a uniform visual impact in a gallery.

As an aside, I’m tempted to set up our basement with white-painted cardboard boxes and my SF buildings as a personal art gallery 😉



6 thoughts on “Tiny Sylvanian Contemporary Art Galleries

    1. Lmao, it has taken me several days to figure out something coherent to say so I could share the link. Personally I have a sneaking suspicion that some contemporary artists put more effort into their artist statements than the art itself.

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  1. I´m not fan of contemporary art.That´s not the idea of what I have or “art”.In my opinion some of the scenes,I particularly have one in mind, are far from being considered as “art”.


  2. Hmm. The concept is interesting, but the works themselves do not appeal to me.

    I understand that art isn’t necessarily something you enjoy looking at, but it should evoke some sort of feeling or spur a thought process/discussion. I’m not getting anything like that from most of them. Empty houses would have more mentally stimulating. I tried very hard to divorce my love of Sylvanians from these pieces, in order to be as objective as possible, and found that they did not appeal on any level.

    Others seem to be going for shock value, which, to me personally, speaks to a lazy creative process.

    From a personal perspective, I want to rescue the Sylvanians that are being forced to participate!

    But it is a clever presentation idea. The houses on the pedestal are a very interesting visual. They might have done better to stop there.


    1. Yes, I thought the choice of Sylvanian Families buildings to house tiny art galleries was wholly appropriate for a Japanese show. The individual works do seem lazy in execution and inaccessible. My favorite art period is modern, but this doesn’t strike me as skilled work. I didn’t want to share it on the forum because it’s so tangential to the hobby.

      Very brave Sylvanians for taking part for the sake of art… I hope they all got an ice cream and a nice warm bath afterwards. And a cuddle. Then more ice cream.

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