Baby Rompers

This weekend I designed and crocheted little rompers with cute, puffy legs for my new brown lab triplets. I’m not quite satisfied with the design yet as they’re tight to pull on and I worry about scraping the flocking, but I like how they fit and I was glad to be able to take the tiny puppies out of their bland synthetic/lace onesies.

img_1340What do you prefer in the tiniest outfits? Clothing that is a perfect fit? Clothing with a looser fit and easier to pull on and off? Clothing with Velcro, buttons, or strings to tie? The challenge is always how to design a Sylvanian Families garment that takes into account the ears, tails, fuzziness and tininess of the figures and still looks good at all angles.

Also, this led me to wonder whether collectors change outfits on SF babies much or whether it would be easier to buy another baby for a different outfit. I think I’d buy a duplicate baby to wear a different outfit!


2 thoughts on “Baby Rompers

  1. Aww! The baby brown labrador triplets are adorable!They look great in the rompers you made, much better than in their original outfits. I find SF baby outfits a bit boring, there´s no much variety but I guess it must be hard to make clothes for their tiny bodies. You did a great job!
    I like clothing that fits perfectly but that it´s easy to pull on and off at the same time but I don´t think both things are possible.

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