Ludwig’s Cabin Renovation part 1

The $2 Copper Beech Cottage I recently scored is my trial renovation project. This is Ludwig’s cabin on Wintermitten Island. Ludwig Babblebrook is hanging out on the craft table to lend a paw with the work.

Session 1: Painted the outside and inside of the house. Only the textured plastic worked well with the gel stain technique I used. I need a different way to finish the smooth interior walls on the other houses (apart from wallpapers).

Session 2: Repainted the roof to reduce contrast. Added new porch post ( which I then lost for months!)

Session 3: Lined the interior upstairs room with card for built-in features – I wanted a bed nook and clothes rod. So. Many. Angles.


STILL TO DO: finish upstairs renovation, make and paint stonework, decide about painting windows/door, renovate downstairs room (currently have no inspiration for this whatsoever), matte spray all over, decorate inside, diorama (maybe a temporary set up).

This has turned out to be a really fiddly project that I’m not sure will be particularly helpful as a trial for the other buildings as they aren’t planned to be log buildings. As I go along with this, I’m making samples of different finishes in hopes that something I do here will be handy in the other buildings.


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