Wallpaper Template for the Sylvanian Market


This was a challenge. I was going to say that I enjoyed this project, but actually I only enjoyed finishing this project. The Calico Critters Cloverleaf Corners Country Market is also the Sylvanian Market and it’s the bottom floor of the John Lewis and Applewood Department Stores. Whatever you call it, the shelved walls of this building are a pain in the backside to wallpaper – but now I have a template, which means you do too. Yay us!  🙂


c391b939-ef72-40dc-9932-aee2ffff6b14Wallpapering in miniature is not fun, especially around fussy shapes. The pattern-making method of pressing a sheet of paper over the wall contours works doesn’t turn out accurately for me despite a lot of fiddly cutting, recutting, more cutting…

So, for this project I used a combination of miniaturist and scrapbooking methods plus some computerosity to make wallpaper templates. It was a bit tedious, requiring five craft sessions, but I ended up with an accurate template on my computer and plotter-cutter machine.


I made a printable pdf version of the pattern for others to use.  SF JohnLewis Wallpaper Template 2017  There’s an inch square marked on page one to help with printer sizing. Printing and cutting a plain paper version first will help you with any adjustments you want to make to the fit.


For more wallpaper patterns, the Sylvanian Store Keepers website provides free downloadable printable wallpaper for three popular SF dollhouses here: SSK Downloads  If you want to use your own pretty paper, just print the SSK downloads in black and white, cut out and use as templates. Double sided tape or glue stick will hold paper onto the plastic walls.

I will possibly, probably, maybe, in all likelihood make more wallpaper templates to share here in the future. Which building would you most like a wallpaper template for?



5 thoughts on “Wallpaper Template for the Sylvanian Market

  1. You are my hero. I’ve got a parcel with several versions of this shop on the way and was dreading the process of making a wallpaper template. THANK YOU!!!


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