Copper Beech Cottage Renovation: session 4

After putting a lighter wash on the roof shingles, I finished painting the lining panels for the upstairs bedroom. I fussed for a bit with getting a good fit, then hot glued the panels in place.

I’m pleased with the little blanket I made for Ludwig’s nook bed. The blanket is made from tiny crocheted squares that are then crocheted or sewn together. Like most of my projects, it’s not difficult if you don’t mind fiddly crafts. 

The blanket squares are fast to make. Especially if you get a Sylvanian to darn in the many, many ends.

As I let Ludwig look around his new bedroom for ideas of what to make next, I realized that stone fireplaces and cast iron stoves probably don’t belong upstairs in log cabins – the floor would buckle under the weight. I shall return to a previous plan of putting a bookshelf in that alcove. The stove will go downstairs with a new fireplace.

On the other side of the bedroom I installed a hanging rod so that Ludwig can hang up his large wardrobe of y-front undies. I may need to make more hangers.

Ludwig’s bedroom is now ready to fill with soft furnishings and accessories. I may paint the window frames. I may not. It looks like a tedious task and I’m ready to get started decorating the downstairs room, which will be Ludwig’s asparagus shop. 


5 thoughts on “Copper Beech Cottage Renovation: session 4

  1. I have been enjoying these instalments of the progress made and how you have been going about making, painting, and doing all these things. Almost makes me wish I hadn’t got rid of my Sylvanian houses… my Cavy family need a home!

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