March and April Review

It’s different for everyone, but I have reached my personal “I have enough” limit on buildings and families. During this two month shopping period I spent twice the $50/month limit I had initially set for myself, although I’ve also sold over $100 of my previous dolls and minis on eBay to offset the Sylvanian Families shopping.


Copper Beech Cottage – used, thrift store, $2 (!)

Cozy Cottage – used, eBay, $10

Lakeside Lodge used, eBay, $15

Triplet chocolate labradors – new, eBay, $8

Triplet calico kittens – new, eBay, $8

Triplet piglets – new, eBay, $22

Triplet penguins – used, $10

CC Living Room Set – TRU sale, $20

Doughnut Shop Set – Amazon sale, $15

Nursery Toys Set KA-211 – new, eBay, $11

Housekeeping Set 607 – new, eBay, $7

Sister Bedroom Set – new, Joanns with coupon, $6

Sewing with Mother Set – new, eBay, $25

Microwave Cupboard Set KA-413 – new, eBay, $11

4 Sylvanian horses – used, eBay, $30

TOTAL: $200



Repainted and refurbished the Copper Beech Cottage (hours and hours and still not finished!)

Designed and crocheted four sets of baby rompers

Took several color themed flat lay photos for Instagram

Spent hours trying to design suitable life jackets for the iceberg ferry. No success

Lots of Wintermitten Village research and planning

Designed and crocheted an adult SF ice skating dress and hat

Crocheted a blanket for the Copper Beech Cottage

Crocheted tiny squares for more blankets

Designed and printed some cardstock backdrops

Made a newspaper for my critters

Sorted and indexed all of the Sylvanian crochet and knit patterns I have drafted so far

Wallpapered the Country Market shop and shared the pdf template I made

Finally succeeded in making resin replicas of the outside lamps on the Country Market/John Lewis building

Dyed a flock of Sylvanian sheep in different colors

Deflocked a Mapletown rabbit for future resin experiments

Made a lot of resin replica Sylvanian books, baskets, bottles, jars.


2 thoughts on “March and April Review

  1. I love how organized you are keeping a record of your new additions and DIY projects. You made lots of things and you added lots of new buidings and sets to your collection but, to be honest with you, the price you paid for what you have bought is very reasonable ( not to mention the real bargain of Cooper cottage, that makes for all the rest.) I paid around 30 pounds for Cooper Cottage, 25 pounds for Cozy Cottage and around 40 pounds for Lakeside Lodge! I should add how much I have spent so far but I know It´s going to make me feel guilty to some extent so I´ll just try to stick to a tight budget.

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    1. Having a budget does keep me from feeling guilty, as does listing my DIY projects. I may have reached a pause in my shopping for now as I have enough buildings for three dioramas, so need to figure out how to build the settings next.


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