March 2018 Review

March began well, but then I ended up with my only functional limb put into a plaster cast (to try to heal a year old ligament tear) putting an end to the one handed crafting I had been doing this winter. I’m currently stuck, but it’s temporary so… no more whining. When I get my right arm back on April 20 I shall get back to the diorama with plenty of enthusiasm.


  • Asparagusmart items: 3 crates, 12 books, (salt dough pies, tarts, cookies. Signs)
  • Street dio buildings primed for repainting
  • Big diorama Section 1 pieces cut, detailed


  • Bluebell / Riverside Cottage ($40, used, eBay)
  • Town Series selection ($110, new, SSK)
  • Nettlefield adults ($10, used, eBay)
  • Seaside Cruiser Houseboat, new Grocery Market ($90, new, eBay daylight savings sale discount)
  • Gelato shop (building only, $10, new, from a jolly nice friend)

4 thoughts on “March 2018 Review

  1. It´s great to hear from you! I hope your right arm is fully recovered soon. The 20th of April is just around the corner. You must be looking forward to that day.

    Take care!

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