March and April Review

It's different for everyone, but I have reached my personal "I have enough" limit on buildings and families. During this two month shopping period I spent twice the $50/month limit I had initially set for myself, although I've also sold over $100 of my previous dolls and minis on eBay to offset the Sylvanian Families … Continue reading March and April Review


September Review

After a rambunctious and uncharacteristic spending spree for my birthday, I am now back to my budget. Purchased: Calico Critters Townhouse ($23, used eBay - yes really $23!) Calico Critters Pigglywink Family ($23, used, eBay) TOTAL $46 DIY Finished the Wintermitten Island Diorama (photos are coming soon) Designed SF bunny head wallpaper Cozy Cottage repaint … Continue reading September Review


Better late than never, here's my SF activity for June. Purchased: Penguin family (new, $20, eBay) 10 DIY flocked critters ($11, eBay) SF vintage Thistlethorn mouse family (used, eBay, $15) Vintage furniture lot (used, eBay, $12)  Total $58 DIY: Drafted pattern and crocheted child cape and bonnet Drafted pattern and knitted adult sweater #1 Tested … Continue reading JUNE REVIEW