One Little Washing Line

"Scrubby Dubby" has been the current theme of the biweekly forum crafting challenge that ended today. The challenger, Kaz of Crabapple Crossings, predicted that a two week deadline would provide motivation to start AND finish a small project. She was correct. I've been wanting to build a little washing line for several years and just … Continue reading One Little Washing Line


Tiny Sylvanian Contemporary Art Galleries

Last month a Tokyo art exhibition by XYZ Collective presented miniature versions of large exhibits the artists would like to build. They used Sylvanian Families buildings as the mini galleries to hold their work. You can view the exhibits here: Sylvanian Families Biennale 2017 (before you click: some exhibits have adult themes.) The exhibits aren't toy themed, … Continue reading Tiny Sylvanian Contemporary Art Galleries

Birthday Spoils

So much fun stuff, both brand new and second hand, has landed in my birthday lap this week. Irresistibly cheerful hedgehogs, a tv, kitchen small appliances, a bathroom, and a tiny kitten piloting an even tinier boat. It's been lovely. And there should be two more boxes to look forward to soon.

First Came the Sweetpeas

For several years I've wanted to change down in scale from larger scale dolls and miniatures to figures about 3 inches tall, balanced on their feet, posable, able to hold items, beautifully designed, well made, not plastic "skinned", enjoyable to handle, unlikely to break, easy to dress, unfussy, and British-flavoured. Lots of options have come and gone, none … Continue reading First Came the Sweetpeas