CAKE SHOP, part 1

Recently I built a folding cake shop diorama for a good friend whose doll is best pals with my doll. The dolls made the cakes and cookies, including Sylvanian cookies. Yum. The cookie cutter from the gashapon Sylvanian Families bakery set worked fairly well for making bunny cookies. I waited until after baking to carefully … Continue reading CAKE SHOP, part 1


September Review

After a rambunctious and uncharacteristic spending spree for my birthday, I am now back to my budget. Purchased: Calico Critters Townhouse ($23, used eBay - yes really $23!) Calico Critters Pigglywink Family ($23, used, eBay) TOTAL $46 DIY Finished the Wintermitten Island Diorama (photos are coming soon) Designed SF bunny head wallpaper Cozy Cottage repaint … Continue reading September Review